Hello English Learners, Need is a very useful word. You are going to need it frequently. So, I have framed these sentences for your reference. Practice and understand these sentences of Need. I am sure your spoken English will improve a lot with these examples of need.

Example Sentences of Need/Sentences of Need

  1. No need.
  2. I have no need.
  3. You need all these sentences.
  4. I don’t need.
  5. Do you need?
  6. Do you have any need?
  7. Do you need anything?
  8. Did you need anything?
  9. I do not need anything.
  10. I will let you know if I need anything.
  11. Should you need anything, ask me.
  12. If you need anything, ask me.
  13. You need to speak Hindi only once.
  14. Keep this money, you will need it later.
  15. He does not need anything.
  16. I think she needs something.
  17. Let me know if you need anything/something.
  18. Need not go.
  19. Need to go.
  20. Man is needy.
  21. Needy people work hard.
  22. I needed water.
  23. Did you need anything?
  24. Did you need something?
  25. Need I pay the bill?
  26. Do you need any help?
  27. I needed to get some sleep.
  28. It is here if you need it.
  29. I might need you, Do not go.
  30. What do you need now?
  31. I do not need your comments, thank you.
  32. This shirt needs to be washed.
  33. Do you need to be beaten?
  34. You need to speak loudly.
  35. All you need to do is complete this form.
  36. All you need to do is join TAMS studies.
  37. No need to bother.
  38. All you need to do is give me money.
  39. My brother lent me the money I needed.
  40. Need not bother.
  41. I hardly need you.
  42. All you need to do is refer some students to TAMS Studies.
  43. He hardly needs money.
  44. He badly needs money.
  45. You need to eat something.
  46. You have hardly eaten anything.
  47. Need you have paid so much? You have hardly paid for anything.
  48. Identify a need.
  49. Can you identify the need?
  50. You hardly need to identify anyone.

“Even More Examples of NEED”

  1. The patient needs treatment.
  2. Do you need treatment?
  3. There is no need to come.
  4. Do we need to come?
  5. I had no need to open the letter.
  6. I had no need.
  7. I had no need to meet you.
  8. They had no need to come here.
  9. There is no need to cry.
  10. I am in need of some fresh air.
  11. She needs comfort.
  12. We have to keep our financial needs in mind.
  13. Need to maintain high standards.
  14. It is our duty to help the people in need.
  15. Our duty is to help the people in need.
  16. He helped me in my hour of need.
  17. I will give the information on the need to know basis.
  18. Ramlal is a needy person.
  19. There is always food in the freezer if need be.
  20. The house is in need of a thorough cleaning.
  21. I will contact you again if the need arises.
  22. If you need more help on this topic, ask me at suniltams@gmail.com
  23. You need to raise your doubts and concerns.

Need is a semi-modal verb because in some ways it is like a modal verb and in other ways like a main verb.

We use need mostly in the negative form to indicate that there is no obligation or necessity to do something:

You needn’t take off your shoes.

Need: form

Affirmative form

Affirmatives with the semi-modals need are not common and they are used in formal contexts. There is almost always a negative word (e.g. no one, nobody, nothing) or phrase in the clause, even if the verb phrase is affirmative:

No one need think that we are doing this every week. (we are not doing this every week)

Nobody need to know the name of the person who made the complaint.

Not a thing need changes on this page.

Need comes first in the verb phrase (after the subject and before another verb):

Let’s forget about it. No one need know about it.

We can’t use another modal verb with need:

No one need read this.

Not: No one need must read this. or No one must need to read this.

Negative form


We form the negative by adding not after needNeed not can be contracted to needn’t. We don’t use don’t/doesn’t/didn’t with the semi-modals verb need:

You need not spend a lot of money on presents. (formal) (or You needn’t spend a lot of money on presents.)

Not: You don’t need to spend a lot of money on presents.

Question form

The question form of the semi-modals need is not very common. It is rather formal. The subject and need change position to form questions. We don’t use do/does/did.

Need we write this down?

Not: Do we need to write this down?

Need: use

No obligation (needn’t)

The semi-modal need is most common in the negative. We use it to show that there is no obligation:

We needn’t spend much time on this topic. It’s not going to be in the exam.

Cans of soup needn’t be kept in the fridge.

No obligation in the past

The semi-modal need has no past simple form. Instead, we use didn’t need to or didn’t have to when we express no obligation in the past:

didn’t need to buy any books. They were all in the library. (main verb need + to)

(or I didn’t have to buy any books. They were all in the library.)

Not: I didn’t need buy any books. They were all in the library.

Unnecessary events

We use needn’t have + -ed form to refer to events which happened but which the speaker considers were unnecessary:

You needn’t have waited for me. (You waited for me but it wasn’t necessary.)

You needn’t have bought so much food. There are only three of us staying for the weekend. (You bought a lot of food but it wasn’t necessary.)

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