Yes, Spoken English Has Empowered Me In Many Ways. Whatever I am doing today is mostly because of the knowledge I have accomplished just because of the English language. This post is one of them. You must be wondering How can Spoken Engish Empower me?

First Job

I got my first job in 2006 because I could sell an Indica eV2 car and that too in English. The interviewer was quite satisfied if not very impressive. And I got a Job and the salary was 4300 per month.

First Salary

You may find this salary very low. However, let me tell you that in 2006 when I did not have even 10 rupees in my pocket, 4300 meant a whole world for me.

My First Phone

I got my first mobile phone for 1800 from Motorola Company. Not sure but it was C168. It had FM and Basic Browser.

Motorola C168 Mobile Suniltams First Mobile

Motorola C168 Mobile Suniltams First Mobile

But that time these were ultra-premium features in the phones. Whatever, for me that was my first and the best phone in the world.

First Training

The whole training was in English.

TATA AIG Life Insurance Company Stracon Back Office Solutions

TATA AIG Life Insurance Company Stracon Back Office Solutions

I could comprehend the training. Why? Because I already had some good knowledge of the language. I was one of the best Trainees in my batch.

The trainer was quite impressed and I was thankful to my father who actually contributed a lot towards my language enrichment.

My First Sale

The first client was from Noida and he started the talk in English. So, as per the rules, I had to converse in the same language. Therefore, I did that. How? Simple, because I had good English language knowledge. I could make a sale. where my other teammates found it tough to talk to the customers who talked in English.

My First Job Change

When I gave Interview in IBM Daksh for an international Mobile company Sprint. They preferred candidates who had sound knowledge of English Grammar and tying. That time I was able to type at the speed of 25 WPM. However, they required at least 40.

Well, because my English language knowledge was above average the interviewer selected me in the condition that I would increase my typing speed. And I did that.

Spoken English has Empowered me in many ways.

My First Resume

Well, most of the job seekers go to a shop to get their resume prepared. I never did that. I prepared my resume myself. How? Because I had good English knowledge.

Spoken English has Empowered me in many ways.

My First Business

I started my first business. How and Why? Because of my knowledge of the English Language. And I wanted to share this knowledge with many people who could also make their career with the help of my knowledge and English Language.

My SEO Journey and Other Skills I achieved

I have acquired many skills from the internet without joining any coaching institute or hiring any mentor. This is because of my good English language knowledge. I have become one of the best SEO Experts Around. Why? Because Effective SEO needs Effective Language. My knowledge of the English Language contributed a lot in making me a good SEO Expert.

Spoken English has Empowered me in many ways.

This Post

How could I write this post in the English Language? Because I have a good knowledge of English Language.

So, you can see how much you can achieve by learning good English language.

I request you to join TAMS Studies and Learn world-class English language and make a great life/Career/Future.

Your Friend and English Guru
Sunil Chaudhary AKA Suniltams Guruji

Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji

Sunil Chaudhary aka Suniltams Guruji

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