How to Score Band 9 in IELTS Speaking | TAMS Studies English Classes

How to Score Band 9 in IELTS Speaking is a common question asked by many IELTS aspirants.

How to Score Band 9 in IELTS Speaking | TAMS Studies English Classes

How to Score Band 9 in IELTS Speaking


Well, I believe many candidates manage to score a Band 9 with continuous practice and being themselves during the test. The best advice is to be yourself and not to feel shy. When you speak on any topic, do not hesitate. Do not think too much about grammar and content. Make sure you speak without errors and in a natural flow.

How to Impress the IELTS Examiner

So many candidates believe that if they do not have much knowledge of the topic, they would not be able to impress the examiner. I am telling you that in speaking module knowledge is not a big thing. What matters is you simply present your own thoughts in an excellent manner.

Gather Your Own Thoughts

There are many candidates who never cram any topic. However, they do gather the necessary information on the topics which they normally find difficult to talk about.

For Example

There is a candidate who has not visited many historical places in his lifetime. The one or two they have visited, they make sure they gather information and facts about those places so that they can talk in their own way in the IELTS Speaking Test. So, it is important for you that you gather your own thoughts in your own words.

How to Score Band 9 in IELTS Speaking

Below are some of the best tips I give to IELTS Aspirants who want to secure Band 9 Score:

  1. No need to be shy – The Examiner is not going to eat you.
  2. You must enjoy the discussion with the IELTS Examiner – Do not get nervous.
  3. Your ideas are not important – Your presentation is.
  4. Speak your thoughts and ideas with confidence – Showcase your language skills
  5. Review Topics – Never underestimate review because of overconfidence.
  6. You must think of your own experiences related to the topic – it is good to include one of them
  7. Use imagination – Presentation not facts matter
  8. Remember your past Experiences – Speak with confidence and fluency
  9. Always speak from the heart – Your Langauge gets better
  10. Learn to express your own thoughts – Do not try to copy exactly – no harm in getting ideas
  11. Develop a good imagination

Apart from these Tips, Below Tips Ensure you do not get less than Band 9

  1. Make sure you use Tense Range
  2. Intentionally use conditional sentence/s
  3. Use Idiom/s
  4. Do not repeat words – use synonyms or alternatives
  5. Bend towards the examiner while speaking
  6. Maintain positive eye contact
  7. Wear a relaxed smileĀ  – it improves your speech
  8. Use Signpost words
  9. Support your Topic Sentences with 2 to 4 supporting sentences
  10. Last but not least, Make sure you do not speak many negative things on any topic even the topic wants you to do so.

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All The Best For your IELTS Test – Get Band 9!

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