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How Improving Your Public Speaking Skills Can Benefit You

The skills learned in mastering public speaking and leadership are core skills needed for dealing with other people. These skills are the communication skills you use many times every single day. Just think about something as simple as talking with a group of friends.

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Many people who see themselves as shy or lack social skills will find TAMS Public Speaking Club to be a fantastic place to rapidly improve their communication skills. Even if you are currently a very sociable person, our Aligarh TAMS Public Speaking Club can teach you to improve your skills and give you the confidence that comes from being a more competent speaker.

Improving your public speaking skills provides you with a great number of benefits in both your personal and professional life. In the professional capacity, you may not have seen yourself as the person to communicate goals at a company meeting or opt to talk at a conference on behalf of the company, improving your public speaking skills could improve your work performance. In your personal life, you may see yourself as a fairly shy or reserved person, developing your public speaking skills and having the courage to speak in front of an audience will develop you into a more confident person in general.

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills | TAMS Studies

What Do We Really Mean By Public Speaking?

Wikipedia defines Public Speaking thus: “Public speaking is the process or act of performing a presentation (a speech) focused around an individual directly speaking to a live audience in a structured, deliberate manner in order to inform, influence, or entertain them”

That’s a broad brushstroke. If we call it ‘speaking in public’ instead of ‘Public Speaking’ we’ve already made it easier. What are the benefits?


In all communications with other people on a daily basis from informal chats to serious business meetings, the strategies and techniques learned at TAMS Public Speaking Club will assist you in speaking in public.

Power to your voice

Not volume, but the authority to show others what are you saying is worth listening to.

Body language

The non-verbal skills of communication enhance your message in many ways. How you stand and how you use your hands and facial expressions.


How to use your voice in different ways to achieve the correct message you wish to convey

Being Organised

In the way, you create your message, so you manage to express all the information you wish to convey.

Inspiring Others

How to build a speech that conveys the message with which you wish to leave your audience.

TAMS Public Speaking Club can provide these skills to enhance your speaking your voice in all areas of your personal and professional life.

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills | TAMS Studies

The Path to Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Members interested in building their public speaking and communication skills begin with Competent Communication.

Competent Communication

The 10 speech projects in the Competent Communication manual help you develop your speaking skills one step at a time. When you finish all of the projects, you are eligible for the Competent Communicator award.

Advanced Communication Track

After receiving the Competent Communicator award, you can begin to develop more advanced speaking and communication skills through the Advanced Communication Series manuals. There are 15 in all, each containing five speech projects. Many of the manuals are career-oriented. You choose the manuals you want to complete and the skills you want to learn.

Constructive evaluation is central to the TAMS Public Speaking Club philosophy. Each time you give a prepared speech, an evaluator will point out strengths as well as suggest improvements. Receiving – and giving – such feedback is a great learning experience. In TAMS Public Speaking Club, encouragement and improvement go hand-in-hand.

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