Idioms related sailing ship

Idioms related to Ship and Sailing

Idioms related sailing ship

Idioms are the groups of words which seem simple and something easy to understand. However, their actual meaning is sometimes totally opposite to what they actually look.

Here I am giving you some idioms having words like Sailing and Ship. Still, their meaning is different. So, I would encourage you to learn, practice, and use these idioms in your daily life.

These idioms will also help you strengthen your vocabulary, improvise your speech and overall personality



Hindi Meaning

Jump Ship To Abandon Something, Leaving some difficult situation कठिन समस्या या स्थिति को त्यागना
On Board, You are on the bus, on the ship सवार होना
On Board Agree on सहमत होना
Smooth Sailing Easy and Manageable आसान
That Ship Has Sailed Opportunity has been missed मौका हाथ से छूट गया
A Sinking Ship A company or organization whose future is dark कोई संस्था जो डूबने वाली हो
Run a Tight Ship Strict and Effective Management कड़ा अनुशासन एवं प्रबंधन
Enough to Sink a Ship Having More Than you want or need पर्याप्त मात्रा में उपलभ्द होना
अगर आपको ये इंग्लिश मुहावरे पसंद आये तो शेयर करें. कमेंट करें.
आपका अपना इंग्लिश गुरु

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