How can you improve your English pronunciation Classes Aligarh

How can you improve your English pronunciation – Basic English Learning Course Online

How can you improve your English pronunciation

How can you improve your English pronunciation

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Well, I am giving some great tips.

I am emphasising on listening and speaking as well.

Well, What we actually do is we most of the times keep reading and do not actually speak and listen.

Read Aloud!

For That, you must watch movies or whatever you are interested in.

Also, read aloud. This way, you are actually speaking also. Also, find opportunities to speak more and more English.

I am also emphasising on Pronunciation. It is critcal to understand the part of pronunciation. Even you know the meaning and word, it makes no sense if you are not able to pronounce the word correctly.

I am giving tips To Improve Fluency and Pronunciation.

A lot of people are comfortable at reading but find it tough while listening and speaking.

The way words are spelt and the way they are pronounced is very different and also misleading quite often.

Spellings and Pronunciation Can Differ

So, it is important you acquaint yourself with this words. Also, work on thier pronunciation. Speak them again and again loudly.

There would be many words which are difficult to pronounce. you must have experienced the same.

Now, the questions, how to pronounce the words in an easy and effective way.
She is ging to show those tips as well in this video.

Do not Avoid New Words

Avoiding the tough words will not make any more fluent or efficient at the laguage you are learning.

I have got an amazing method of learning new words which are tough.


  • Connect
  • Repeat
  • Use

This is the Same strategy most of the Langauge training institutes implment including TAMS Studies English Classes in Aligarh.

Connect the word with anything, maybe with sound, freind, item, etc
Repeat by making notes about the spellings, pronunciation, phonetics, etc. Make a separate notebook for making vocabulary notes.
Use – This is the most important factor. Speak the word multiple times loudly and keep the meaning and feel in a word.

Group Words in Your Vocabulary Notebook

For Example – Gumption

Gumption means with resilience, with efforts.

Learn Standard Neutral English initially. Do not try to learn varieties of the language. Actually, you do not need to.

Find New words. Love them. Repeat them.

1. Understand that words sound different than they are written
2. To consult an online dictionary with audio
3. Use your English learning notebook. note the pronunciation and how the word sounds to you. Create your own spelling for the words.

There are tips and techniques to memorise the news words.

Another way to connect new words by their sound.

Gumption, Nation, Sun, promotion, etc

Next, you must expose yourself to more and more English or the language you are learning. listen to more English. Listen to news English. Listen to Suniltams English Videos.

How can you improve your English pronunciation

Listening will definitely help you sound better at English.

Listen more.

You can also listen to audio books. It will make you learn the language unconsciously and subconsciously. This is amazing. Go for it for sometimes for learning English Langauge.

Example Sentences:

  • Is he busy?
  • Is he busy!
  • Diamond. Necklace.
  • Diamond Necklace!
  • Diamond Necklace?

Individual words and group of words can sound different because feelings and moods play a great role when we speak.

How can you improve your English pronunciation

Also, it is critical to important to learn international phonetics. IPA is a set of characters and it shows us how the words are pronounced.
IPA is really a great thing if you are really sincere about learning the language

Notice the patterns in pronunciation. Find out the patterns by studying etymology.

Etymology is a super fun. it also helps you test your vocabulary. Actually, you connect with the words with history and countries of their origin.

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Also, use Google a lot. Online Audio Dictionary.

With Love
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